Whatever type of business you have, COVID-19 has affected your business and how you interact with your audience through your website. More than ever, it is critical that you have an updated, relevant website. Below, I will cover information you should consider covering during the COVID-19 pandemic – and beyond.

Importantly, acknowledge you are conducting business in a unique environment.

Basic Information
Update your business hours and services available at this time. For example, if you’re a restaurant accepting to-go orders over the phone, add your phone number on prominent pages, such as your homepage – the goal is to make it extremely visible. If you’re a clothing retailer now only accepting online orders, you can update your FAQs page to include your any new shipping and return policies.

Improve Communication
One of the best ways to help your business out during the COVID-19 is upgrading the way you communicate on your website.

Keep the lines of communication open. Make sure your customers have an easy way to contact you. Possible methods of communication to include: Chat Window, new forms, Email, ZOOM, telephone are a few.

Be sure people know your business is open. Give an overview of how you are accommodating any COVID challenges and have made your customer/clients experience as easy pleasing as possible.

Review Ecommerce Performance
If you sell products online, it will be beneficial to your business to upgrade your online store.  You have a chance to capture customers that normally do not shop online, but are now more comfortable (because of COVID) with online purchases versus in-store purchases.  With that said, more potential customers will be shopping online.

Improve your inventory

Offer special deals around COVID-19

Featuring products that you think will sell the best right now (such as cooking items, home décor, casual clothing, etc.)

Create a NEW COVID-19 FAQ/Info Page

I highly recommended adding a brand new “COVID-19” FAQ page to your website.  Included will be information about how your website/business has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic (or if it hasn’t, you could include all that as well), and pertinent FAQs which will put your clients/customers as ease to conduct business as usual with you.  With a dedicated page, you can easily update the info moving forward, and your website visitors/clients/customers can access all the info they need in one place.

You want this page to be easily accessible for people to find. By adding this new page to the main navigation of your website, you ensure that it shows up front row center to anyone who visits your website. This page will have also have a easy URL so that you can include it in any emails or marketing materials.

Update Your Homepage and Link To The New COVID-19 Page

Obviously, the Homepage is usually the page on your website that receives the highest traffic.  It’s your website’s hub, and as such, it’s important that you give visitors even basic information about any relevant changes to your website/business on the Homepage.


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