Search engine optimization is sometimes not considered when designing or redesigning a website.

The normal routine of reviewing the design, creating graphics and writing content is often priority, and the additional tasks and further organization required to build a website may be time consuming enough. Allocating all of your time to these tasks may cause one to ignore the ever important SEO element.

Building an SEO friendly website design can actually prevent the need for future website renovations to improve SEO rankings.  It can even eliminate the need to pay fees to a separate SEO agency to get good SEO results. A well built SEO friendly website is ever so important.

Below are some elements to help make a well-designed website rank well in searches.

A well organized content menu (including the sub-menu) is important to search engines. It also gives ease of navigation to your visitors. Content should be well organized. Content should be logical to the subject matter making it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Every page should have a purpose and focus. Search engines recognize this organization and reward it with better search rankings.

Google is fast moving to a mobile-first ranking, meaning that mobile friendly web pages will receive preferential ranking. Website owners who don’t have a mobile responsive site should seriously consider having a mobile friendly site built. All new websites should be built as responsive sites. A responsive site allows all viewing devices to easily view web pages in a well formatted manner.

Links outside and inside of a website are important for good ranking. When designing a website, it’s important to have all pages internally linked to one another so that the outside link authority can flow freely through a site. This organization is favorable to ranking and searches.

If you’re thinking of a redesign or a brand new site, make sure the site is being built with the option for SEO growth. Start with a good foundation that does not limit growth.  And most of all, do not delay in building your new SEO friendly.

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